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Secure Visitor Screening

The REDTAIL Secure Visitor Screening module allows facilities, large and small, to easily check-in/out, monitor, screen and log visitors, schedule events, and provide credentials or badges. Add-on options include Contract Management, Advanced Event Management, and Instant Checks.

Instant Checks

The REDTAIL program provides real-time access to court records, sex offender records, global watchlists, government records such as SAM and OFAC. REDTAIL further allows organizations to set up custom Barred and White Lists for instant screening at Check-in as well. For authorized facilities, REDTAIL offers real-time, instant checks against FBI and State criminal records.

Background Screening

REDTAIL background screening can be tailored to suit an organization’s needs. Background checks can include Federal and State Criminal History, FBI Fingerprint-Based Checks, FBI Identity History, DMV Records, Sex Offender, and more. REDTAIL offers FCRA and EEOC compliant employment based background screening, drug screening, and fitness for access screening. REDTAIL Vetting & Screening team is available to fully adjudicate results and verifies all checks against the court or county of conviction.

Training & Certification

REDTAIL offers integrated training and certification allowing organizations to train and certify individuals for specific roles or job functions. Simply upload the curriculum and create the certification.
Certifications can also be tied to a Passed Screening type whether it is a Wellness Screen or Criminal Background Check ensuring that an individual passes the Wellness or Criminal Check prior to being able to earn a certification.

Wellness & Temp Screening

REDTAIL now includes features and functions related to promoting Workforce Wellness to help with COVID-19 from Temperature Screening to Wellness Assessments. REDTAIL Wellness allows an organization to proactively push out Wellness Assessments in advance of a person coming to a facility or upon Check-in. Wellness Assessments have the capability of being custom designed by the organization and can be set to automatically "grade" the assessment to determine if a person should or should not come to the facility based on their answers.

Digital Contact Tracing

REDTAIL Digital Contact Tracing is geared towards contact tracing for the workforce. Organizations are able to perform rapid contact tracing and send out Text and Email notifications to those individuals who are now at risk based on contact with a person who has reported sick. Secure and private, REDTAIL Contact Tracing wearables adhere to strict privacy guidelines and do not track a person’s location or whereabouts.