Secure Visitor Screening

The REDTAIL Secure Visitor Screening module allows facilities, large or small, to easily check-in/out, monitor, and log visitors. For secure facilities, the Secure Visitor Screening module utilizing the patented GREENLIGHT® integration can be configured to run instant checks against FBI criminal data sources or facility custom watch lists.

Vendor/Contractor Credentialing

REDTAIL offers credentialing services that can be tailored for individual industries. Vendors/contractors can pre-enroll, and even make payments, at an easy-to-use and secure pre-enrollment website.

Training & Certification

REDTAIL offers the ability for organiztions to employ custom training and certification programs for applicants who may need to undergo training and/or become certified in some way.

Identity Verification

Validate a visitor’s identification through REDTAIL, which performs instant checks against FBI, DMV and Sex Offender sources so you will know exactly who is entering your facility.

Risk Mitigation & Compliance

REDTAIL is 100% compliant with FCRA and EEOC requirements.

Background Screening

REDTAIL background screening can be tailored to suit your needs. Background checks can include Federal and State Criminal History, FBI Fingerprint-Based Checks, FBI Identity History, DMV Records, Sex Offender, and more. Also, REDTAIL verifies background checks against the court or county of conviction.

Instant Visitor Screening

The REDTAIL program provides real-time, instant access to FBI and State criminal data – not just public databases that may be out-of-date or inaccurate – to screen for potential threats.

Enterprise Mobility

The REDTAIL Mobile App includes geolocation services, emergency tracking/notification, visitor check-in/tracking, and digital badge/proximity reader capability. The REDTAIL App communicates with the REDTAIL Command Center module for Facilities and Vendor Company management.


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