RedTail Security & Screening For Vendors & Contractors | Datamaxx Group

Increase your customer base by offering the peace of mind that comes with knowing your employees are REDTAIL Secure.

Credentialing Simplified

REDTAIL helps you manage the credentialing process for your employees, helping you save valuable time.

Single Enrollment

After a single enrollment, your employees will be verified as REDTAIL Secure. No need for multiple credentialing processes for your various customers – saving you time and money.


Your employees can manage their background checks by allowing them to review the accuracy of the checks, limiting your liability and ensuring FCRA and EEOC compliance.


REDTAIL offers the most complete background check services available today. Not only does the REDTAIL program provide access to public and criminal record data, but the checks are verified through an adjudication process. Comprehensive and ongoing background checks ensure your employees meet the security standards of your customers.

Simple Enrollment

The enrollment process is handled through an easy-to-use web-based program, making it simple for you and your employees to enroll and manage.

REDTAIL Command and Control

REDTAIL Command and Control, an add-on value to our vendor/contractor companies, provides a web and map-enabled view of your employees, such as where they have checked in/out. In addition, REDTAIL Command and Control can alert you of any issues that may arise at customer sites.


For added convenience, REDTAIL also features a mobile app, with features such as digital badges for fast and easy check in/out, instant messaging, and much more.

Value-Added Modules

Available modules include powerful reporting and analytic tools along with an enterprise mobility suite.